Welcome to our list of Exhibitors for CAF 2023

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Hi there, I’m Heather Schumann of Plash Pottery. My love of pottery started back at Floyd County High School in 2010. I found so much joy working with my hands in the mud. Clay gives you the freedom to experiment, play, and correct your work. My artistic journey has led me to many different media of expression. Pottery and Ceramics have always been my true passion, but until recently out of reach. I hope you find as much love and joy in my pottery as I put into each piece. Thank you for your love and support.

Valkyrie Aromatherapy offers a wide variety of aromatherapy products ranging from essential oil blends and body care products to soy wax candles and diffuser jewelry. Everything is locally handmade using cruelty-free, ethically sourced fair trade materials so you have peace of mind knowing you’re helping yourself and other small businesses!

Alessandra Cortese de Bosis was born in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, and grew up in Moscow, Washington DC, New York and Rome.
During those years, Alessandra enjoyed sketching – faces, facial expressions, faces with hats, dancers. In recent years, she has taken on oil painting and draws her inspiration from trees, flowers, mountains, water and hidden sources of light. Her favorite painter is Rembrandt. “I would like my art to convey a sense of serenity and a positive outlook.”-Alessandra Cortese de Bosis.

My name is Andrea Sandoval, proud owner of Rustic Trails, were we produce handmade self-care related products. We want our customers to be able to forget and relax about their worries, they’ll be there tomorrow. Whether it is with a scent, a texture, a relaxing bath or an image, we believe in the importance of pampering yourself, self- care is where self-love starts. We make soaps, bath salts, milk and honey baths, wax melts and our best selling items are our soy wax candles. We also provide customized gift sets that are perfect for any occasion or seasonal ones for a more special day. I’m also an artist and do acrylic on canvas so we’ll have some available at the fair and we’ll have mini arts and crafts sets for kids that might be interested in the world of art. I’m also a mom and want to make this fair a special day for the little ones attending. 
Courtesy of my husband, we’ll also have a warm drink and a sweet snack available for purchase. 

My name is Adam Bergeron. As a passionate wood artist with 29 years of experience, I discovered my love for woodworking at the age of 10 and was mentored by the skilled neighbor who introduced me to the craft. Though he’s passed away, his teachings ignited my enduring passion.

Three years ago, I delved into the captivating world of Kumiko, a traditional Japanese wood art known for Shoji screens. With roots dating back to the Asuka Era, Kumiko has evolved into intricate wood pictures under the guidance of masters like Eiichi Yokota. During a memorable trip to Japan last March, I had the privilege of meeting Toru Yokota, Eiichi Yokota’s son, now leading the legacy. Alongside him was Mr. Matsubayashi, Yokota’s longest-serving apprentice and the current Kumiko master. Their expertise enriched my skills with fresh techniques and tools, shaping my creative journey for the future. Woodworking is more than a skill—it’s a lifelong passion I’m thrilled to share with you.”

UnArted Territory – I am a local photographer and artist who enjoys taking pictures and creating them. I want to get my art into the world so that other people can enjoy it as I do. I work in all paint mediums, and also do digital art, and custom work. I am originally from southwest PA and moved to Culpeper in 2016. We try to be fairly active in the community, and we can usually be found with the amazing people from Art of Dance, as my son is on the competition dance team.
Hi! I am Dawn Hogestyn and I am an elementary school teacher with a passion for teaching and crafting!  I’ve been crafting for more than 25 years and have dabbled in many types of crafts.  My current focus includes floral arrangements for all seasons and occasions, pebble and sea glass art, hand-made jewelry made with natural stones, wooden and metal beads, and even fossil beads!  I also create hand-made ornaments and decorations for all of your holiday decorating needs.


My name is Lorna Doran, and I craft artisanal soy candles, wax melts, and room sprays. What began as a soothing hobby during the pandemic soon ignited into a burning passion. Driven by this newfound love, I’ve expanded my craft to create custom candle jars. Today, this pastime has beautifully transformed into my thriving business.
Whispering Willow, located in Old Town Manassas and owned by Melissa Harvey, is primarily an alternative healing business; however Melissa enjoys creating beautiful and unique jewelry pieces to suit tastes that range from everyday wear to statement pieces. She also makes fairy gardens, sun catchers, healing dolls, and other items. Each piece is created with intention and love as well as infused with Reiki. 
Sara Bullard started painting after she retired from a career in writing and editing, Her pastels and oil paintings include realistic and abstract images inspired by the dance of light among the creatures of the world. 
My name is Bruce Lugn and I am a semi-retired minister, writer, gardener, piano lessons at Jewell Tone!, walker, and potter. I live in Culpeper with my artist wife, Alessandra. 
2 Sassy Ladies: We sell seasoned dips! These are dry ingredients that the customer purchases from us and they will add mayo/sour cream, some require cream cheese and cool whip.. all the directions are on the individual packets.. we give the customer ideas to use with these dips other than using it as a dip.. we sell them for $7, or 3 for $18.. we have both savory and sweet choices.. we also do free tastings! Who doesn’t like free?  😊

My name is Melissa Sykes and I make all kinds of jewelry from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains! I look forward to the event and meeting everyone there!

Local jewelry artist Mary McMahon.

Marsmakespottery by Marissa Lee, hand-thrown ceramic pieces made locally.
Frances Bon is a self-taught artists. She started @salvagewooddesigns three years ago, and works out of her tiny studio in her basement. She specifically paints on old salvaged wood and old vintage slate wood tiles. She takes commissions for pet portraits, and her art is presently on display at various shops in Culpeper.
Cathy Buckley is a self-taught jewelry artist who started Cathy’s Custom Jewelry in 2003 after leaving the workforce to become a stay-at-home mom. She started to make small pieces of jewelry for family and friends by using pre-made castings and soon discovered she wanted to be more creative with her work. So she purchased a small torch, read some books and started on her way to become a true artisan.
Her one-of-a-kind hand crafted designs are made using fine silver, sterling silver, copper, natural semi-precious and precious gemstones. She uses a number of different techniques and tools to mold and shape the metals until the piece feels complete.
She sells her work at different Art and Craft shows and Festivals throughout the region. When not at a show, her pieces are available at her shop at the Minute Man MiniMall in Culpeper, VA.
Rachana is a professional graphic designer, trained at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. In addition to her long-term career as a graphic designer, Rachana is a prolific watercolor artist and sketcher. She draws inspiration from the world around her, be it nature, architecture, still-life, urban settings or people. She practices and teaches regularly from her studio based in Virginia, USA. She has also exhibited her work in galleries near her hometown.
Lako Kula Bracelets: My name is Ava and I am 16 years old. I have been making bracelets for a long time, but recently started my business in March of this year. Most of my jewelry design ideas are inspired by my love for the beach. Lako Kula means “jewelry” in Hawaiian, so I named my business Lako Kula by Ava. I plan to continue to grow my business, and maybe at some point even offer a class to help others make their own creations.
The Sassyfras Co.: My name is Lindsay Dean and I am a polymer clay artist who has been creating earrings for one year. I love the process of creating each unique piece using a wide variety of techniques and added materials for color, texture and sparkle. Because each design can be so different from the last, I also love seeing someone find joy in a specific pair while someone else loves a completely different set. I hope to see you at the festival!
Maureen McDaniel: Hello, my name is Maureen and I am a self-taught artist. My paintings are originals, except for when someone presents me with something of their own. I am a grandma of five boys and one girl. I enjoy spending time with my kids but still find a way to paint.
River Run Rhythm Handmade Cajons by Richard Clark.
Sheila Jackson Fiber Artist
Vintage Nest Speciality Vintage and Artisan Pop Up Boutique Market.